Thursday, March 27, 2014

Interactive Plastics Recycle Sculpture

I have an interactive sculpture installed in the courtyard (March 24- April 2) and would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with students in our Planetary Thinking Class (or other classes also).

The Goal: to strategize (safe) methods to sculpt plastic trash. This prototype will help us strategize for a larger project. We are asking for creative input through interaction with the armature installed in the corner of the courtyard. Artists can also help by so adding their own plastic waste.

Final Project Summary: With the support of the Davis Projects for Peace Grant, we will partner with Agung Bali Children’s Foundation (ABC Foundation) to teach elementary school children and their families about ecological stewardship through collaborative art projects utilizing trash collected from their local environment. We will also work with ABC Foundation co-director Darren Leaver to develop a recycling plan to reduce improper waste disposal, helping to promote peaceful relations between neighboring rural villages that are in conflict over downstream pollution.

Thank you, Julia Gray

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